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rethink. reverse. reform. reset. 


Mental health and wellbeing with innovative psychedelic-inspired psilocybin therapy

re7 biotech plans to use psilocybin as a groundbreaking medical compound to help curing pain related diseases. Based on our exclusively developed Psilobin® formulation re7 is working on new ways of revolutionizing pain therapies.


Psilocybin is a naturally occurring compound found in mushrooms of the genus Psilocybe. Synthesized psilocybin has been used in preclinical and clinical researches since 1959.

Pain Manangement Psilocybin Re7
Psychedelics help the brain to make new connections

PSILOCYBIN has mind-altering effects similar to those of LSD, like activating the serotonin receptors.

Healing power modifying and revising the HPC

PSILOCYBIN could help to cure pain related diseases by disrupting harmful negative patterns.

Treatment regimens for mental health disorders

PSILOCYBIN is efficacious in producing large, rapid, and sustained antidepressant effects.

Plant based alternative to traditional big pharma products

PSILOCYBIN as traditionally used herbal medicine sustainably resourced from fungi.

Real value for the patient

re7 takes the next step in the future pain management challenge

Realising what psilocybin can possibly do for mental diseases like TRD and MDD, re7 biotech became aware that this natural compound could also be a potential remedy for pain related diseases.


This was the reason why we started researching, evaluating anecdotal evidence and realized the future potential of psilocybin. re7 is currently initiating two innovative medical trials with leading German University Hospitals to develop psilocybin based pain therapies for rare diseases.


As a biopharmaceutical company we want to develop new compounds like our exclusive Psilobin® formulation to unlock highly effective evidence based healing processes and and set new standards for the future of modern medicine.

Why pain hurts

The development of chronic pain is a complex mechanism that is still not fully understood

Pain is NOT just about the tissue of the body.

Pain is OUTPUT of the BRAIN, designed to protect us.

Pain is a CONSTRUCTION of the BRAIN.

Current treatment options proven to be ineffective and harmful

There is an urgent need to find new ways to treat chronic pain conditions. The ‘liaison’ in Chronic Pain is neurological, not anatomical.

Despite numerous developments in pain relief, effective and non-addictive treatments for long-term chronic pain remain elusive.


% of the world's population affects chronic pain.


% of patients with chronic pain are affected by severe depression.


% of people committing suicide due to chronic pain between 2003-2014.


% of chronic pain patients receive an opioid prescription despite research showing it does NOT improve the quality of life for patients.

Who we are

Dedicated to innovation in pain management, the discovery and development of new compounds

Everyone knows severe pain, has experienced it themselves or witnessed it in someone. We at re7 biotech have experienced chronic pain directly with loved ones.


Driven by these experiences our international team with medical experts supports patients and will make psilocybin therapies available for everyone seeking treatment to overcome and find relief in a plant based health care.


Our first step is to research and unlock evidence-based ways of the effectiveness of  psychedelic therapies. Patient focused, quality-controlled and led by science, we are keen to reduce chronic pain and establish a modern treatment for mental wellbeing.